Our Mission

Our mission is to help every individual be their best so that they can serve their colleagues and customers better. We do this by taking organizations on a technology-driven self-improvement journey comprised of two integrated parts: comprehensive discovery of improvement potential, and rapid transformation powered by discovery data. At Soroco, we are constantly innovating to make this journey faster, easier and more impactful for our customers.

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Our Story

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Soroco was founded with the goal of creating a better workplace for millions of workers across the globe

Soroco’s journey began in 2014 guided by three puzzling questions: Why, with all the technology in the world, was there still no cure for the tedious manual work that defined so many jobs in companies across the world? Why did these same employees love smartphones and smart tech at home, but still accept being held back by legacy apps and processes at work? Why was there no advanced technology available to help companies actually fix this people problem vs. band-aid it with a patchwork of temporary solutions?

We are driven by a desire to research, develop and bring to market a fundamental solution to this challenge of creating a better workplace for millions of workers worldwide.

Our Leadership

Samson David

Chief Executive Officer

A “builder-maker” and a “manager-at-scale”, Samson has driven technology led transformation across both start-ups and hyper-scale global organizations. He loves cricket, cooking, cars, and yoga & meditation.

Dr. Rohan Murty

Company Founder and CTO

A strong believer in transformative technology, Rohan founded Soroco in 2014. He has served as a Junior Fellow in the Society of Fellows at Harvard and is known for his love of ancient Indian literature.

Arjun Narayan

Co-founder and CRO

A technologist and entrepreneur, Arjun loves exploring how advanced technology can help individuals and teams be their best. He is also a proud "father" to his canine baby, Bijlee Beyoncé.

Sinéad Barry-O'Brien

Head of Operations

Sinéad finds her curiosity sparked by innovation, people, and possibility. She works across our teams to bring that possibility to life. Beyond work, she enjoys time with people, ideally over good food!

Dr. George Nychis

Co-founder and VP of Engineering

A distributed and networked systems enthusiast, George loves solving challenging problems. He also happens to be a semi-professional Greek dancer who has graced the stage at events across the U.S.

Dr. Wolfgang Richter

Head of Infrastructure and Security

A cloud computing and distributed systems researcher, author, and blogger, there are few things that Wolf has not attempted. His interests include riding motorcycles, strength training, and hacking.

Vikram Joshi

Chief Automation Officer

An advocate of Agile and BizDevOps practices, Vikram has spent the last two decades helping clients disrupt age-old challenges with Innovation. In his spare time, he loves taking up sustainable living initiatives.

Nishant Jain

Director of Engineering, Automation

An engineer and problem solver, Nishant is always busy building technology-first solutions. He is an impulsive traveler, and his love for programming is only matched by his love for exotic destinations.

Eric Gargiulo

Head of Product Marketing

A firm believer in the power of storytelling, Eric leads Soroco's global team of marketers in communicating Soroco’s solutions to the world. In his free time, he loves cooking and trying out new recipes.

Rajesh Prabhu

Head of Finance

An advocate of the mantra “numbers drive decision making”, Rajesh has spent over 20 years managing finance across roles, divisions, and geographies. His interests include travelling and practicing yoga.

Rama Kishore Chenamchetty

Head of People Operations

Rama believes that great companies are driven by motivated people and has spent years building people-centric HR strategies. Outside work, he loves gardening and spending time with friends and family.

Our Products

Join global Fortune 500 leaders using Soroco’s technology to simplify their process transformation. Wherever you are in your journey, we can help.

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Scout Platform

Gain visibility into how work gets done to guide your entire transformation program

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Automation Platform

Create an integrated path to value that transforms employee and customer experiences

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