The value of Automation

Connected Collaboration

Speak the language of business and IT using an integrated no-code design and high-code development environment

Unrestricted Innovation

Use thousands of AI/ML libraries leveraging the world’s most powerful programming language - Python®

10x Greater Impact

Realize transformative results by focusing on straight-through workflows, not individual tasks

3x Lower Maintenance

Reduce operating costs with a reliable cloud-native framework and easier L1 and L2 maintenance

Unique features of Automation



Drive collaboration across process owners and stakeholders to design straight-through journeys for maximum impact
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Combine real-life data discovered by Scout with rich media annotations across diverse scenarios and multiple team members

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Stitch together comprehensive process definitions that combine optimal runs of individual tasks to create high-impact workflows

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Export transformed processes to a variety of artifacts including flowcharts and Microsoft Word documents to support training and enablement


Build transformative systems - not individual bots - using an open platform built securely on Python®
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Leverage a library of Soroco-built code abstractions or use any module from the global Python® community

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Extract information from a diverse range of document types using our advanced AI/ML technology

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Develop solutions collaboratively using modern IDEs, version control, debugging and DevOps solutions


Reduce costs with a reliable cloud-native framework and easier L1/L2 maintenance
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Measure overall automation system health and transaction volumes across your automation program

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Securely deploy, manage, and control systems to perform the right work at the right time - on-prem or in the cloud

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Diagnose and troubleshoot runtime issues with real-time logging and performance analysis

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  • Discover the true potential of legacy workflows by identifying redundant workflows
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Soroco's Success Stories

A Fortune 200 insurer automates its auto endorsement process to reduce AHT by 71%


hours automated per month


saved in annual operating cost

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Soroco helps Fortune 500 insurer reduce errors in sales by 45% through automation

> 99%

accuracy in responses


hours automated per day

Read The Full Case Study Read The Full Case Study
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Join global Fortune 500 leaders using Soroco’s technology to guide their digital transformation. Wherever you are in your journey, we can help.

Scout Platform

Gain visibility into how work gets done to guide your entire transformation program

Connect your organizational goals to the most viable people, process, and technology improvements with Soroco’s powerful process discovery tool. Prioritize your improvement initiatives and measure impact before, during, and after any change you make.

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