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Bayer discovers a 95% reduction in AHT through process transformation


Prior to investing in automation technology, one of the largest Fortune 500 pharma companies faced two crucial problems. First, as their business continued to grow, they needed a way to scale the impact of their existing teams. This required increasing output volumes without increasing the workforce. Second, as market and customer needs changed, they needed to shift their teams’ focus from manual, repetitive tasks to value-add activities, such as finding ways to improve product offerings. To overcome these problems, improve efficiency, and reduce overall operating costs, the company decided to leverage technology to transform its processes.

The Product Supply business unit was identified as a key area that could benefit from process improvement. The day-to-day activities of this unit are vital pieces in ensuring an efficient production cycle that can help the company stay competitive in the business landscape. Therefore, ensuring that this team works as seamlessly as possible is instrumental to the company’s overall success.



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Supply Chain | Operations



reduction in AHT from automation


hours of repetitive manual activity identified