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A leading consumer goods retailer identifies 39k hours of potential savings using Scout


The global consumer goods organization was looking to achieve operational efficiency goals through automating and standardizing back-office logistics, but lacked the proper approach to uncovering these opportunities. Through Scout, the company was able to identify 39,000 hours of time savings through automation, and $300,000 in savings from the top automatable processes.


Consumer Goods Company

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Consumer Goods | Purchasing, Sales & Procurement


Prior automation efforts were misplaced and lacked the desired ROI.

The client needed a robust mechanism to identify candidate processes for automation as well as find a way to standardize and optimize their business procedures. One of the client’s key concerns, aside from automation, was tracking “productive” vs. “non-productive” time.

The client had an on-site “automation factory,” but they were underwhelmed by the business impact that prior automation efforts had yielded. While they had the highest-priority process for automation identified, due to previous failures, they were hesitant to move forward. The client selected Scout due to its granularity and versatility, to gain insight into processes that needed to be automated or improved.




Scout was deployed on premises for ~400 users on eight teams across multiple regions.

Scout was deployed across eight teams involved with customer service, logistics, and procurement. It collected detailed data, identifying automation opportunities for complex processes, and operational improvement insights beyond automation.

In addition to getting insights on automation potential and compliance, Scout also identified areas for process excellence to improve effort spent and overall team productivity.

Custom analysis was performed on seven processes, of which two were identified as candidates for automation and the remaining five were set to be standardized, then reassessed for further automation opportunity. The process originally identified as the best candidate for automation turned out to have the lowest ROI potential.

The client is expanding their Scout engagement to seek further operational improvements.



users scouted across the org


hours of potential savings identified


annual savings observed from top two automatable processes

Topics: Consumer GoodsPurchasing, Sales & Procurement

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