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Fortune 500 FMCG Company identifies 35% cost efficiency potential using Soroco’s Scout platform


The business services team within the global consumer goods organization was looking to improve how they discovered process inefficiencies and high ROI automation opportunities. Through Scout, the team was able to uncover 35% improvement potential through process automation and excellence.


Fortune 500 FMCG Company

Process type

Order to Cash | Demand Capture


A typical process for the business services team involves five products, four order types, 11 countries, and three vendors per country – translating to 600 different ways a process can be performed.

What’s more, processes aren’t just performed in their core SAP system. Teams use a variety of applications and manual workarounds. This complexity made manual approaches and traditional process mining unsuited for the task.

The business services team required a low-effort, flexible solution that could address regional variability while unifying teams and process improvement strategies.


The team chose Scout, a process discovery platform built for flexibility and accuracy. Scout was deployed across 49 users in 9 markets and discovered how users were performing 6 common Demand Capture processes.

In addition to getting an accurate baseline of current business performance, Scout also identified a connected set of process transformation opportunities across process excellence and automation measures.


Process Automation: Scout discovered that of the 6 processes, the OR SAP process was highly automatable and could save $250k p.a. or 9.4 FTE worth of effort.

Process Excellence: Scout also found that end users were spending just 20% of their time in the core ERP system, compared to over 50% in supportive apps – highlighting a disconnect between either the tool’s impact or how users were leveraging it.

Scout found $400k p.a. in savings and a clear understanding of where efficiency improvement opportunities exist. The business services team is currently looking in to scale these efforts across the business unit.

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