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Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company finds 50% automation potential using Scout platform


The global pharmaceutical organization’s Molecule Resource Planning team looked for a way to empower their managers to continuously improve business processes using data. The team specifically wanted to better understand process automation potential and ensure all processes were performed in a compliant manner.


Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

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The MRP team wanted to discover insights for end users spread across three manufacturing sites across the globe. The processes for this team are complex and performed in a variety of applications, a majority of which did not produce logs (e.g. Outlook, Excel, Adobe). They required a low-effort tool that could discover activity across all of their enterprise apps & that could provide insight on automation prioritization.

The team also had no way of knowing if their processes were being executed compliantly – a major challenge in a regulated industry like pharmaceuticals.


The MRP team chose Scout, a process discovery tool built to capture data across all users, processes, and applications. Scout was deployed across six key processes to understand how the end users were performing each process with minimal input required from the end users.

In addition to getting insights on automation potential and compliance, Scout also identified areas for process excellence to improve effort spent and overall team productivity.


Scout delivered the following insights from the six key processes:

  • Process Automation: Scout discovered that 83% of the team’s processes were already standardized, allowing for 50% of the team’s manual effort to be automated.
  • Process Compliance: Scout identified compliance overall and found one key process was not compliant because users were not using a newly on-boarded technology.
  • Process Excellence: Scout found that most end user time was spent in Outlook & Excel, and recommended an email classification and triage system to free up end users to focus more on high-value work within the SAP ERP system.
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