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Global consumer products company achieves more than 99% accuracy in artwork management


leading consumer goods company needed to reduce the error-prone and time-consuming process of validating artwork across its 400+ products. Soroco’s Automation Suite gave them an accurate system that was 66% less time consuming.  


Consumer Goods Company

Process type

Supply Chain | Merchandizing


The merchandising and packaging team at the Fortune 200 consumer goods company is responsible for maintaining quality of printed artwork across the company’s 400+ products. This was a highly sensitive process as any mistakes could lead to product shipping delays and added costs. This process was also 100% manual, and took on average 75 minutes to process each artwork item. 


The team chose the Soroco Automation Suite to reduce the human effort and cut down on errors. Soroco’s automation system checks pixels and color shading to validate the artwork on the “basic-to-medium” level artworks accuracy, which accounts for 80% of all artworks across the 400+ products. 


The automation system is 99% accurate in validating the “basic-to-medium” level artworks. This has drastically reduced the human time and effort required to finalize each of these items, lowering the time it takes to complete from 75 minutes to just 25 minutes.  



accuracy for error detection


reduction in turnaround time


of all printed artwork comparison automated

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