Managers don’t have it easy. They have to balance several priorities, stakeholders, motivate and align their teams, all while ensuring the team hits the desired targets at work. Remote work has only added to these challenges. In this environment how can technology help managers to be more effective?

In this, first-of-its-kind research study conducted by Soroco, Harvard, and Wharton, we measure and highlight a key challenge that managers face today – establishing a baseline for how their teams get work done. After all, before improving something one must know the baseline first. The study also discusses how work graphs and machine learning can be used to help managers improve their understanding of the baseline.


Rohan Narayana Murty

Founder & CTO

Rajath B. Das

Sr. Research Analyst 

Scott Duke Kominers

Associate Professor, Harvard Business School 

Arjun Narayan

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Suraj Srinivasan 

Philip J. Stomberg Professor of Business Administration,
Harvard Business School

Tarun Khanna

Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor,
Harvard Business School

Kartik Hosanagar

Professor of Technology and Digital Business,
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania