Scout Early Adopter Program (EAP)


The Scout Early Adopter Program (EAP)* is an opportunity for select customers and partners to gain exclusive, early access to some of our new product offerings before they are launched to the entirety of our customer base. 

We are launching two new offerings – Scout Platform and Scout for Business in 2023, and we’d love to get your thoughts and feedback about the products early on, so that we can build the best solution for you.

Join us and be a part of our Product Journey! 


Why join the Scout EAP?

  • Early access to features of our new offerings before they are publicly available.
  • Think of it as a dry run, amongst a representative group of your users who will learn to solve your organization’s business problems using the features of the new offerings. that in turn will help prepare you for the full-scale launch.
  • Gather initial feedback on identified goals/scenarios for your consumption and identify potential stumbling blocks to help shape the product’s roadmap suited to your organizational needs. 


1.1 Scout Platform

Scout Platform enables Business owners and other stakeholders to derive contextual insights and actionable recommendations for their business problems, beyond what is available out of the box in the Scout Product. The target user persona is a data analyst in your organization. These users will learn to solve your business problems using low-code tools like PowerBI to query the data in the Scout work graph. 

What are the benefits of being part of Scout Platform EAP? 

  • Early access to the Scout Platform Software to determine its utility for solving business problems beyond what is currently achievable through the Scout product.
  • Co-create solutions to these problems through your data analysts who will work with our work graph SMEs.


1.2 Scout for Customer Experience

Market context: The CCO/CXO’s role is evolving from qualitative customer experience measurement to driving transformation programs across business operations, to enhance customer experience. Unfortunately, there are no data-driven tools that provide early indicators of customer experience today.

Scout for Customer Experience (SFCE) is centered around optimizing how employees experience digital work, resulting in substantial improvements in customer experience.

SFCE empowers the CXO/CCO with data-backed insights to prioritize Customer Experience transformations across people, process, and technology.

SFCE enables the customer experience-focused persona (e.g., CXO) team to:

  • Implement constant monitoring of customer experience for all key clients using a customizable set of operational metrics, including touchpoint count, response time, service cost, and employee satisfaction in customer interactions.
  •  Optimize time allocation to efficiently serve high-value customers
  • Continuously assess the risk of customer churn using both leading indicators (operational metrics) and lagging indicators (NPS, CSAT, OSAT, etc.).
  • Proactively take actions to improve the customer experience for the top N customers.
  • Prioritize transformation across people, process, and technology thereby significantly improving the customer experience.

1.2.1 For Automation teams

The offering for automation teams intends to help organizations looking to devise automation pipelines without having to go through the hassle of manual consulting and interviews. It is built for scale and comes with the flexibility of usage across multiple levels in an organization – from the top C-Suite executives to On-ground managers. 

What are the benefits of being part of this EAP? 

  • An early bird view of projected impact of the change programs on key cost metrics for different teams. 
  • Access to specific manual processing-based business KPI insights (eg: Manual processing cost per invoice).
  • Access to more levers for Automation apart from the traditional RPA, that includes Intelligent Document Processing, Conversational Interfaces, and Email Pattern Analysis.


1.2.2 For Business Users

The second capability aims to help Business users (Managers) whose primary goal is to enhance their customer journey. This undoubtedly implies that they need to gain the utmost visibility into how their teams and tools are servicing their customer at each point of the journey. This capability sits across all the fragmented work data sources (E.g., Documents, emails, chats, enterprise apps, custom apps), teams and workflows that are part of the customer lifecycle and provides drilled-down view of the whole picture using a data-driven understanding of the enterprise’s customer-specific operations and processes that reveal where investments and changes are truly needed. 

What are the benefits of being part of this EAP? 

  • Obtain a data-backed view of your enterprise’s customer engagement – get insights on how your teams handle the customer journey and identify specific areas for change initiatives.
  • Access to Customer-centric KPI Dashboard to gain full visibility.


What an EAP is not:

It is not a user acceptance program. As your organization is committed to Scout, the focus in the EAP should be on providing feedback to help us make the new offerings most suitable to your organization.  


What’s expected of me if I participate in the EAP?

Feedback – We are all ears as we are building this offering to solve your problems. We would be happy to hear anything you have to say in how our product is helping you and what else could we possibly do.  

Selecting the right users involved in the EAP: Users who want the project to be successful and from different lines of business or departments, preferably those who work together on a set of business processes. 

Confidentiality – We request you to keep what you gather and learn from the EAP, confidential. 

*Terms & Conditions