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Elevating digital experiences using the Scout work graph 


Get granular visibility into as-is processes

Scout work graph scales empathy for how teams experience work by discovering and eliminating common sources of friction that people experience across all teams within an organization while preserving the privacy of every individual. This information, organized into a digital map known as the work graph, guides change actions such as training, standardization, templatization of work, and automation, among other possibilities.

In this demo, you will learn how process excellence professionals like yourself leverage  ScoutTM to reduce cost and unlock significant value levers for business operations. 

Learn how ScoutTM :


Drives powerful insights in just 48 hours

Helps gain 15-25% operational efficiencies

Provides access to the best transformation levers


Decreases time-to-value with faster automation deployment

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    "Scout Helps To Gain Insights And Create Transparency"

    5.0 Overall User Rating

    Scout offers the possibility to get more insights into daily task and how they are performed and therefore helps to create transparency about business processes.

    – Innovation Consultant, Manufacturing

    "Soroco's Scout Platform Enabling Process Excellence"

    5.0 Overall User Rating

    Soroco’s process mining is evolving at a rapid pace with very intuitive out-of-the-box features, helps to quantify business benefits and automation potential.

    – Process Consultant, IT services