Technology to be your best

The market’s most complete discovery platform

Our platform combines the power of task discovery and process discovery to guide transformation of any process across any function.

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Bring your automation opportunities to life

Our product suite helps realize the improvement potential identified by Scout through intelligent, enterprise-grade automation.

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A single platform for driving change

Illustration showing interactions at the modern workplace that Scout’s taps into to discover improvement opportunities
Tap into your organization’s digital footprint and uncover the insights that exists within the millions of digital interactions that occur every day between your people and workplace technology.

Scout, our discovery platform, is creating a new way of understanding “the science of how teams work”. Use this to discover improvement opportunities, prioritize change initiatives, realize outcomes, and catalyze transformation programs that make work better for everyone.

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What we unlock for you


Complete visibility

Scale discovery across all your teams and technology to create a personalized view of how work gets done


Unified change programs

Build a roadmap that connects people, process, and technology improvements and your teams making change happen


Automation outcomes

Use discovery insights to drive the entire automation lifecycle and deliver business value you can count on

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