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With Soroco’s proprietary Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology, you can achieve upto 90% extraction accuracy from both unstructured and semi-structured documents, with no limits on scale


Soroco’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology goes beyond traditional techniques like OCR. It takes an hybrid approach that offers you the flexibility to leverage advanced techniques like natural language processing (NLP), Computer Vision, deep learning and machine learning (ML) to achieve optimum accuracy for different document types. To top that, Soroco’s IDP enables you to scale without any limitations and fits seamlessly into your existing transformation journey.

Key features of Soroco's IDP

Supports multiple input formats

Rich set of pre and post processing tools

Supports multiple extraction techniques

Robust validation and management dashboard

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manual effort reduction


Average Handling Time reduction


upto 99.5% accuracy from unstructured inputs


scale in transaction volume

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