NelsonHall names Soroco as an Innovator in its Intelligent Automation Technology NEAT 2021

NelsonHall’s evaluation of Intelligent Automation Technology NEAT 2021 names Soroco as an Innovator in ability for business users to develop automation amongst 12 vendors.


Mike Smart | Senior Analyst and Operations Officer, NelsonHall

NelsonHall has identified Soroco as an Innovator due to its ability to understand the processes within an organization that would benefit from optimization and automation, then import those processes directly into its automation IDE. Soroco aims to automate long processes which require minimal handoff, which are traditionally the first targets for automation; however, Soroco’s Automation Suite splits the automation into its dependencies, which is a more stable and easier-to-manage method in the long term.

The report details Intelligent Automation Technology market trends and provides a deep dive into Soroco’s capabilities and strengths highlighting customer success stories from our F500 clientele.