Elevate your Automation and Business Operations

Business leaders worldwide are driving three primary objectives:

  • Revenue growth,
  • Improved profits,
  • Enhanced customer and employee experience.

To achieve these goals, they need deep insights into how businesses operate at a granular level, identify points of friction, and eliminate them.

Watch this Webinar on Soroco’s AI powered platform – Scout for Business Operations that is designed to provide strategic insights into how teams experience work, identify sources of friction and eliminate them through AI recommended interventions.

This webinar will help you understand how Scout for Business Operations can be leveraged to shape your digital transformation journey by:

Tying every transformation initiative to business KPIs and outcomes.

Getting top-down business dashboards curated for different stakeholders.

Expanding the possibilities of automation, beyond RPA.

Foresee the impact of change through ‘What-if’ analysis.

Continuously track change program effectiveness leveraging evolutionary views of process improvement.


  • Abhijit Shroff
    Head of Product Growth, Soroco

Abhijit has overall 24+ years of experience in the industry across product organizations and consulting firms. His experience includes building an industry leading Hybrid Cloud Management and Autonomic IT Operations Automation Platform; building Corporate Banking Forex Management product for Indian Retail Banking; Building High Performance and Scalable OLTP platforms for Market Data Analytics.