Scout for Process Discovery

Process Discovery: Create a high-fidelity process catalogue leveraging your organization’s work graph, connecting your macro understanding of how work happens to the micro realities at the last mile.

Get The Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Process Mining

Scout’s Hybrid Process Mining capabilities helps process Discovery owners collaborate and visualize on a full view of a process, entailing end-user interactions and application log files. This enables your discovery-led improvement efforts to pool resources and apply enhancements at a micro and macro level.

Why Process Discovery

Gain Process Visibility Down to the Last Mile

Define custom processes at user-levels
Organize process catalog into hierarchies

Scout provides a fast, intuitive and guided method for your team to build a work graph-led process catalog, while following robust privacy mechanisms. Collaboratively arrange these processes into an organizational hierarchy to connect your macro understanding of how work happens to the micro realities at the last mile.

Understand All the Variations in Your Work

Collaborate & Identify variations within processes
Improve your process understanding coverage

Structured work (on ERP, CRM like tools) typically occupies only 25% of the team’s time. Scout’s machine learning combines the structured and unstructured (productivity tools like email, excel, browser, etc.) to extend your process understanding coverage, and build a realistic, real-time and complete picture of all the variations that exist in your team’s work.

Gain a Comprehensive View of Process Discovery Performance

Holistically measure process performance
Define custom KPIs for each process

Scout integrates end-user insights with logs generated by enterprise applications to build a full picture, providing an end-to-end process view with both micro and macro level information. Look at process performance holistically across productivity, speed and quality. Extend insights by defining and mapping custom enterprise KPIs for your process.

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