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We are pioneering a new way of understanding how work gets done in today’s digital workplace. Use Scout to experience how the insights within your digital footprint can guide your process improvement initiatives and elevate employee and customer experiences.

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Scout’s Open Data Architecture


Transformation journeys often start with asking, “where do I begin?” Our unique combination of task discovery & process discovery helps you answer just that. Gain complete visibility into how your teams work, so you can focus where it matters most.


Your next stop is all about determining whether to clean up or automate a process – or both. We support you with the insights needed to build a unified process transformation roadmap and confidently design improved processes.


If automation is the play, you’ll need the right tools and expertise to handle your complex processes. Our discovery led, automation journey supports you in turning discovered opportunities into real business outcomes.


Transformation can extend all throughout the organization. Scout’s Open Data Architecture can catalyze additional people, process, and technology by bringing new insights to your most strategic business initiatives.

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