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Building a Healthy Transformation Pipeline through Hybrid Process Mining

Get Everest Group’s perspective on how hybrid process mining can help enterprises build and sustain a pipeline of transformation opportunities that scales programs and unlocks greater value

Analyst coverage

Get the report excerpt on Soroco to find out what the analysts at HFS Research think about our approach to unlocking discovery at scale with Process Intelligence technology

Our upcoming webinar with Everest Group’s SOT Practice Director, Amardeep Modi, will explore how enterprises can achieve greater scale and value from their process transformation programs

Featured customer stories

A global pharma company partnered with Soroco to gather data and accelerate process transformation across their Product Supply unit. They deployed Soroco’s Scout across…

The business services team within the global consumer goods organization was looking to improve how they discovered process inefficiencies and high ROI…

A global e-commerce giant faced a challenge lowering its average handling time for its reconciliation process within the FinOps business unit. The team leveraged…

Start with discovery

Scout is the market’s most complete process intelligence platform. Learn how Scout is changing the way organizations tackle process improvement.

Explore Automation

Soroco’s Automation Suite helps enterprises realize improvement potential. Explore how it enables automation of complex use cases at lower costs.

Insights you might find interesting

Hear from the Head of Automation at Bayer Consumer Health how the global pharmaceutical is taking a holistic approach to transforming processes and scaling end-to-end intelligent automation with process discovery technology.

3 ways process transformation helps supply chains better prepare for disruption

Building resilient processes proactively is critical for supply chain leaders in the today’s environment. Read how process transformation can optimize supply chains through continuous discovery and improvement.

The pandemic has sent a clear message to business and IT leaders across globe: there’s a need for real change. Not just faster ways of doing the same age-old processes, and not just incremental improvements to the teams and technology that support them.

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