Understand how work gets done

Your business operations are complex – making improving the way work gets done complex too. Scout delivers the tools you need to discover people, process, and technology improvement potential and drive change programs with confidence.

Enterprise user productive at work looking at process improvement insights from Scout’s discovery

Unique insights with unlimited potential


Discover opportunities across your enterprise

Uncover improvement potential across all your teams, applications, and processes


Prioritize actions and realize your potential

Unify process excellence and automation efforts and drive outcomes with our connected journey


Catalyze additional change with the same data

Use Scout’s insights to augment analytics initiatives specific to your needs

Bring the best out of every business process


Task Discovery

Remove the guesswork of where to get started

Bring focus to your transformation without wasting time or resources. Automatically identify where your biggest improvement potential exists – across key dimensions of your operations – and use this insight to guide deeper discovery.

Scout Enterprise’s task discovery showing details of repetitive tasks and effort reduction potential
Scout Enterprise’s process discovery showing how processes are performed with metrics

Process Discovery

Gain visibility into every process across every function

Understanding your processes requires a scalable approach that goes beyond manual interviews and system log availability. Discover exactly how your processes are performed by analyzing actual user behavior across all teams and applications in your environment.


Transformation Roadmap

Break the silos between process improvement programs

Create a unified roadmap of your process excellence and automation initiatives. Understand the impact and feasibility of these initiatives and prioritize them based on your goals, so you can ensure you are generating maximum value.

Scout Enterprise showing potential for effort reduction through standardization and automation of processes
Process workflow created in Scout Enterprise’s no-code studio for designing to-be processes

Operating Model Design

Create the new blueprint for how your teams will work

Re-imagine your operating model and drive change with confidence. Visualize and document your to-be processes for discovered opportunities while having business and IT aligned for seamless transformation.



Convert automation opportunities into guaranteed results

Bring speed and scale to your automation program with complete discovery data. Our unique automatability scoring and easy document redesign ensures successful building and running of your systems using our Automation Suite.

Exporting process document and auto generating automation code using Scout Enterprise

Extensible insights to catalyze your transformation

Use Scout’s Open Data Architecture to solve transformation challenges unique to your enterprise


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How it works?

Trusted by Fortune 500 leaders

Security illustration showing Scout ensures privacy and keeps end user data safe

Data Privacy and Security: We’ve got you covered

We know protecting your data is top of mind, so we’ve made big investments to put your mind at ease. You are in complete control of all data that Scout captures. End user data is anonymized and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is automatically removed  with ML-based pattern matching.

We also provide both on-prem and cloud hosting options, and keep your data encrypted at rest and in transit using unique PKIs for every customer. To maintain the highest standards, we undergo regular testing and certification from industry experts.

Certifications: ISO 27001, ISO 22301, SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, and PCI-DSS.