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Understand how you spend time at work, discover repetitive tasks within your day and learn how to streamline them. Our free task discovery tool is lightweight, serverless, and built for individuals and small teams who want to get started quickly.

Supports Windows 7/8/10

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Scout Go puts the technology to make work better in the hands of every individual in the enterprise

Scout Go user invited to join a team to get team-level insights on repetitive work and toil reduction opportunities

Insights generated by Scout Go showing how a user spends time at work across tasks and applications

Repetitive tasks discovered by Scout Go along with visualization and effort saving potential

Exporting task occurrences from Scout Go automatically generated task definition documents

Who should use Scout Go?


Individuals who want to free up time by streamlining their daily work


Team leads who want to understand how their teams can be more productive


Teams that want to standardize and document how tasks are performed


Anyone who wants a quick experience of the Scout platform


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Technology to make work better in the hands of every individual in the enterprise

Some frequently asked questions

Scout Go directly collects data from your interactions with desktop applications installed on your system or web-based applications that you access through your browser. Scout Go only collects information from applications and websites that you permit Scout Go to see.

Each interaction captured from these applications is used to generate insights that will help you understand how you spend your working hours and identify patterns in your work.

There are no restrictions on the duration for which you can use Scout Go. You will continue to see insights for your most recent work.

Scout Go only collects information from interactions with applications and websites that you permit Go to see. All data collected by Scout Go is stored locally on your system. However, if you choose to accumulate this across a small team, then your data is first encrypted and then aggregated in Soroco’s trusted cloud system.

Since the data is entirely encrypted, Soroco cannot read your interaction data in any form.

Scout Go currently supports the following Windows operating systems – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. It does not support MacOS or Linux yet.

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