Soroco Automation: Soroco’s intelligent, enterprise-grade automation suite

Turn discovery data into outcomes

Everyone is talking end-to-end. Our Automation Suite guarantees the results from Scout’s process discovery using technology built to handle your complex processes.

Modern employee efficiently moving towards outcomes through a simplified and automated process

Enterprise grade for enterprise scale


Achieve end-to-end impact

Reliably move beyond task automation while avoiding the hassles of fragmented RPA bots


Solve for all your inputs

Efficiently handle the unstructured documents used in many business processes


Reduce maintenance

Centralize runtime visibility and control over your automation systems and IT assets they rely on

Our discovery-led automation journey that guarantees results

Discover complete processes and prioritize your roadmap

Gain a detailed view into your processes and identify the biggest automation opportunities across your organization

Insights into automation opportunities and their effort savings potential discovered by Scout
Process workflow created in Scout Enterprise’s no-code studio for designing to-be processes

Rapidly create documentation for your top processes

Transform your discovered opportunities into accurate documentation required for building automation. Drive collaboration between business and IT stakeholders using Scout’s built-in process design and documentation tools.

Automatically convert process flows into code

Achieve faster time to value by automatically converting your process definition documents into code with just a single click. Focus development efforts on refining your end-to-end solution vs. starting from scratch.

Exporting process document and auto-generated automation code from Scout to Soroco Automation
Soroco Automation’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) accurately extracting data from complex PDF

Tackle your most complex documents and inputs

Successfully automating your discovered processes requires being able to handle the different inputs they rely on. Accurately extract the required data from documents of all layouts and formats so you can achieve your automation goals.

Run and manage your automation with excellence

Prevent maintenance headaches from eroding your ROI with the ability to control and monitor not just your automation systems, but the underlying IT apps and infrastructure as well. Equip your teams with a single dashboard to cost-effectively manage your automation whether you are just getting started or have deployed at scale.

Soroco Automation’s centralized dashboard showing real-time health of IT systems

Built for IT to deliver business transformation

Our Python-based automation suite meets the needs of your tech teams while delivering the outcomes desired by the business. 

Experience the power to build end-to-end automation

Trusted by Fortune 500 leaders

Start with discovery

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