Centrally drive multiple change programs and achieve over 50% cost savings. Leverage an industry tool agnostic integration ecosystem to reduce the time from discovery to realization by 60%.

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Compatible with Your Existing Process Transformation Investments

Why Studio

Bridge Geographical Boundaries and Work Together

Jumpstart neural network training and data
Collaborate to speed up redesign
Reduce manual work of annotating fields of interest
Minimize risk of failure

Studio reduces project risk by bringing together IT and business stakeholders across geographically distributed teams to architect models quickly. Its integrations with popular communication applications ensure every individual involved is always in the loop.

Track Process Evolution over Time

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Incrementally build, version and set targets for to-be
Ensure conformance of on ground execution with redesigned processes
Ensure conformance of on-ground execution with redesigned processes

Understanding and measuring change is essential. With Studio’s version control capabilities, incrementally build a library of processes from your as-is baseline, set targets for each version and compare execution vs. versions with granular, step-level detail.

Export Outputs for Faster Change

Author complete process documentation and BPMN workflows
Author complete process documentation and BPMN workflows
Generate up to 80 of native automation code with one click
Generate up to 80% of native automation code with one click

You’ve redesigned processes, what next? Studio provides an accelerated path to realize change, whether it is by documenting them for end-user training, validating and simulating models, or developing automation bots using RPA tools or native Python.

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