Scout for Task Discovery

Credibly find up to 15% toil reduction potential within 48 hours. Understand where to focus your optimization efforts with zero manual intervention.

Why Task Discovery

Uncover Common and Repetitive Tasks across Your Team

See insights in just 48 hours
Scale from 10 users to 10,000 users

Uncover patterns of activities across all your team members with granular detail while protecting PII. Scout requires no manual effort by SMEs, hence making it easy to get started quickly.


Discover Broad Areas of Optimization

Understand over 90% of your teams’ day at work
Identify 15% savings from discovered hotspots

Automatically identify hotspots of opportunity within your teams’ work across all desktop and web applications, emails, and documents. Reorganize hotspots in ways that make intuitive sense for your business users.  

Connect Insights to Results

Export tasks to Studio for RPA or documentation
Combine tasks for end-to-end process view

Export discovered hotspots to Studio to either generate native RPA or Python-based automation code, or comprehensive process documentation. Alternatively, connect the outputs to Scout’s Process Discovery to build a process catalog for comprehensive digital transformation.

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