Task Mining Playbook:
Featuring Bayer Case Study

Task Mining Playbook

In this on-demand webinar, Samson David, CEO, Soroco, Jürgen Winandi, Group Product Manager, Automation at Bayer, and Amardeep Modi, VP, Everest Group, will discuss why organizations demand deeper visibility into people, processes, and technology. Learn how Soroco’s flagship product Scout work graph provides a near real-time, detailed, intelligent, and scalable map of teams’ digital journey to understand how work gets done. 

Hear from Jürgen Winandi, Group Product Manager, Automation, Bayer, how a Scout deployment across 1500+ users in 30 countries, Bayer was able to release 90,000 staff hours back to the business, reduced workload, and improved employee experience at scale.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • Why traditional manual techniques for process discovery are a barrier to scale
  • How organizations can kick-start their task mining journey
  • How technology leaders can drive a shift towards task mining in their organizations
  • How Scout is key to capturing the last mile activities performed across applications and documents


Samson David
Samson David
CEO, Soroco

Jürgen Winandi
Group Product Manager, Automation, Bayer

Amardeep Modi

Amardeep Modi
VP, Everest Group