Building Systems that Effectively and Cryptographically Protect User Privacy


About this Session:

Join us for an interactive session on Building Systems that Effectively and Cryptographically Protect User Privacy with guest speaker Sam Kumar from the UC Berkeley Computer Science Ph.D. program.

Cryptography has enabled transformative new applications by allowing systems to provide useful functionality while protecting user privacy. Unfortunately, certain privacy-preserving applications are difficult to realize because the cryptography needed to support them is too expensive.

Join Sam Kumar for a first-hand walkthrough of his research and how it addresses the problem by rethinking system design to manage cryptographic overheads using Ghostor and MAGE.

About the Speaker:

Sam completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Berkeley and is now completing his Ph.D. at Berkeley in his 5th year. Sam’s work in security and privacy is highly relevant to Soroco and Scout. His work presents ways to protect end-user privacy in a completely decentralized way while still being able to verify the integrity of the data.

About Tech Talks:

A regular series by Soroco, Tech Talks are expert-led technical sessions that deep dive into a specific area of technology and provide engineers valuable insights and tools. It also examines fascinating research, use cases and facilitates larger conversations around cutting-edge tech.

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