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Discover and realize up to 20% hidden toil reduction potential within document heavy tasks or processes.

Why Document Insights

Catalog Documents Used across Teams

Eliminate manual document discovery
Identify fields of interest within documents

Use similarity-based intelligence to discover and catalog documents used across tasks and processes. Assess the effort spent, and identify fields of interest in each document.

Quantify Toil Reduction Opportunities from Documents

Estimate document-based- toil reduction
Target all documents used in work

Assess the overall toil reduction potential based on the types, formats, and actions that take place within a document during process execution. Understand savings potential not just in a handful of high-volume documents, but also across all the everyday documents that fill up everyone’s workday

Integrate Document AI/Ml into Everyday Work, at Scale

Jumpstart neural network training and data extraction
Reduce manual work of annotating fields of interest

Jumpstart document AI/ML by passing ring-fenced catalogue of documents to Intelligent document processing platforms of your choice. Where possible, autogenerate a data extraction model for your custom documents

Document Insights

What Customers Say about Document Insights

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Uncover up to 20% Toil Reduction Potential within Documents