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The best of both worlds: Why organizations are adopting hybrid process mining solutions to scale their transformation programs

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Organizations across every industry are on a journey to make their processes more digital, more resilient, and more automated. The desired urgency and scope of change is clear but the path to success is blurred by a consistent challenge of building and sustaining a pipeline of opportunities. In fact, this is the #1 blocker to scale according to Everest Group.

Pipeline challenges are due to the traditional approaches used to understand current state operations and identify improvement opportunities. While existing process mining and discovery technology provide a step-change improvement over manual approaches, they also come with their own limitations that inhibit the speed, scale, and insight required for real transformation.

Enter hybrid process mining: a new class of technology that combines the benefits of existing solutions while overcoming their inherent shortcomings. Truly the best of both worlds.

In this webinar, expert guests Amardeep Modi from Everest Group and Radovan Simic from Bayer Crop Science alongside Soroco’s Arjun Narayan deep-dive into the emergence of hybrid process mining solutions and how they can be used to turn the #1 blocker into a catalyst for scale and value.

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