Discover the world's work graph

A work graph is a connected sequence of steps that teams execute to get work done. It is, in essence, a map of how teams execute digital work, and it lies at the intersection of people, work, and technology. Once discovered, the work graph enables teams to collaborate and work more effectively.

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Improve workplace applications, identify IT bottlenecks and apply data-driven decisions on technology investments.


Identify document-heavy tasks and processes. Create digitization programs faster as compared to manual approaches.


Enable teams of all sizes, spread geographically, to learn from each other and improve how they work together. Work graphs focus on the team and not the individual.


Gain last-mile visibility into end-users’ tasks while maintaining individual privacy and establish best practices for task performance.


Gain a full view of processes, down to the last mile. Holistically measure process performances and define custom KPIs for each process.