Scout transformed payroll operations for a F500 construction company and reduced employee attrition by 26%


The Challenge

A leading construction company in Europe was grappling with severe payroll operational issues impacting the morale of employees. Delayed salaries and erroneous transfers across subsidiaries impacted over 6000 staff members across 4 subsidiaries.

The already overworked payroll processing team was experiencing increased stress each day, leading to attrition within the team, and creating reputational risk for the organisation.








Attempted Solution before Scout

Consultants requested for an additional

1,200 hours

for Manual Discovery Workshops
The company engaged one of the top consulting companies to overcome the operational shortcoming.

The consulting firm went about this in a traditional manner, conducting discovery workshops through manual interviews. These workshops demanded an additional 1200 hours from the already overworked business teams leading to attrition. This manual approach didn’t add any real value and intensified the problem.


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The CFO and CHRO then evaluated and onboarded Scout to find and fix these problems.

Scout's AI model could be quickly put into action because it didn't need complicated integration with current systems. The AI analysed how payroll teams interact with various applications, mapping out how and why work happens the way it does within the payroll team.

This led Scout to discover a key insight: the root of the problem was outside the payroll team.

Within just

2 weeks

Scout's AI model uncovered a critical insight - the problem lay outside the payroll team

Scout to “find and fix”

Step 1: Find

As the first step, the AI decoded the work patterns of the payroll team and connected them to business activities, simply by analysing interactions between the team and their software. It then automatically classified these work patterns as either core payroll activities or non-core activities.

Based on this analysis, within two weeks, Scout’s AI model provided the following insights:
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time was spent on core payroll apps and activities

Contrary to popular belief, only 40% of the team’s effort was spent on core payroll apps and activities. This startling statistic pointed to a massive work recall gap across the team, highlighting the disparity between the team’s understanding of how work is being done and how work was actually being done.

Harvard Business Review

Do You Know How Your Teams Get Work Done?


time was spent on manual follow-ups

The AI also determined that the remaining 60% of the time was spent on manual follow-ups, managing data across 1500+ spreadsheets, and creating custom reports for management.
Scout’s AI model then further inferred the reason why the payroll team spent so much time on non-core activities – information silos and disconnected systems. These bottlenecks were forcing the team to incessantly toggle between different applications, ultimately resulting in a loss of productivity to the tune of 3300 hours annually.

Harvard Business Review

How Much Time Does Having Too Many Apps Really Waste?

Step 2: Fix

Based on the above insights, Scout’s AI model recommended two levels of fixes:

Quick Fixes

These were ‘no-code’ fixes based on standardisation and user training
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Submit timesheets on time
Submit timesheets on time
Leadership kicked off a focussed awareness and training program for everyone across the organization to ensure that people submitted their timesheets on time.
This led to 100% timely submission of timesheets which significantly reduced the stress on the payroll team’s bandwidth, allowing them to focus on core payroll activities.
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Standardize data inputs
Standardize data inputs
The leadership enforced standardisation of data inputs, which reduced the effort and time spent on organising and validating the input data received by payroll teams.
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Standardize management reporting
Standardize management reporting
Leadership also made a concerted effort to standardize management reporting which resulted in reduction of time spent on generating customised reports.

Deep Fixes

Systemic and long-term fixes planned across the organisation
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Build an integrated Payroll system
Build an integrated Payroll system
The root cause of all issues was that there were significant digital gaps in the overall process; and these were predominantly because systems did not talk to each other, and because data was duplicated/fragmented.

Scout also provided detailed insights into the cost of unintegrated payroll systems and, also the disconnection debt in the organisation.

Based on these insights, the leadership kicked off a transformation program, to build an end-to-end workflow system by integrating information inputs, business process rules, and reporting & compliance.
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This led to a 95% reduction in digital gaps, 100% payroll accuracy and a 26% reduction in employee attrition in the payroll team.

Harvard Business Review

What’s Lost When Data Systems Don’t Communicate

It is important to note that in all of these recommendations, privacy was of the utmost importance – and no employee data was shared. Empathy was at the core of all recommendations and the focus was on addressing and improving the core issues i.e.

Business outcomes

In summary Scout was able to drive the following business outcomes
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Significantly improve how employees experience work and improve their morale


reduction in digital gaps


improvement in payroll accuracy


reduction in employee attrition

How AI connects interaction data to business outcomes

Scout lights up the ‘dark side of the moon’.

Your business generates billions of data points from team-machine interactions. Scout, our AI model, deciphers this interaction data to reveal what often remains unseen—the hidden challenges your teams face at work and how they affect business outcomes, whether it's cost optimization, revenue growth, customer or employee experience, or business continuity.

The AI then provides data-based recommendations to address these challenges, paving the way for improved outcomes.
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The 'Dark Side Of The Moon' In Enterprises

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