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Soroco is on a mission to elevate and transform how the world gets work done.

Our Values

Every day, we are guided by six operating values, segmented into three themes.
Invent the future

Discover the work graph of the world

We will excel in creating a comprehensive work graph, one that will improve the experience all people have at work. The work graph will leverage diverse data sources for practical solutions, benefiting teams of all sizes across industries and locations.

Engineering is limited only by the laws of nature

As long as there is no natural limit to solving a problem, we will take risks, iterate, move quickly, and work hard until we find a solution. We will live by the adage; a plausible impossibility is better than a convincing possibility. We will proactively learn from our failures.

One global heartbeat

Our success stems from diverse collaboration across countries, races, genders, and time zones. Sticking together, compromising, and respectful teamwork have consistently led to victory, embodying Phil Jackson's philosophy: good teams become great, when members trust each other enough to surrender the me for we.

Learnability beats experience

Learnability can eventually trump experience with time, focus, and drive from an individual. Experience is valuable in the short-term, but learnability wins in the long-term. A culture of positive feedback, and that is why we believe in a hierarchy of ideas and not people. We will nurture and grow our people.

So what? Focus on what truly matters

Every new artefact – feature, technology, data, or an internal policy – is of little value until it answers, ‘so what’? Specifically, who does it benefit and what enduring value can they derive from it? Answering this question is essential to have significant impact, and for all our actions to reinforce each other as a force-multiplier. We look to change user’s lives in deep ways that will compound over the long-term.

Be 10x ahead of our users

Key to succeeding with our customers is to constantly anticipate our users’ needs, expectations, identify problems, and proactively solve them. This is how we will always operate with our customers – to proactively stay ahead to address their needs. In this, we will show speed, hunger, ambition, and aggression.

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