Scout Platform

Discover the work graph of the world to help teams work better.

Get to Root

Understand how work happens on the ground, what needs to improve, when, and how – all using real time data and zero guesswork.


Close the Loop

Create a continuous loop of improvement across any KPI using any change lever. Convert insight to value quickly using Scout’s open ecosystem of change partners.

Scout Powers Change Right from Discovery to Realization

Discovery at Scale

  • Quickly identify where to begin your digital transformation with Scout’s Task Discovery

  • Build a complete picture by mapping your team’s effort to end-to-end processes with Scout’s Process Discovery
Discovery at Scale_Icon

Unify Process Excellence and Automation

  • Improve any aspect of work by identifying and engaging the best-suited change levers with Scout’s Work Insights
  • Achieve straight-through processing and uncover hidden toil within documents with Scout’s Document Insights
Unify Process Excellence and Automation_Icon

Design & Execute New Operating Models

  • Centrally drive multiple change programs and reduce the time to realizing value with Studio
  • Autogenerate documentation and configuration for your SaaS, RPA BPMN, and IT modernization efforts with Studio
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Personalized Data Platform

  • Extend your analytics initiatives or build custom apps using rich data provided by Scout’s SODA
  • Gain a data-driven vantage point across your entire business by leveraging the powerful work graph data structures.
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Organizations Harness the Power of Scout to

Build an Automation Pipeline

Organizations use Scout's Task Discovery early in their automation journey to quickly identify optimization areas with no manual effort, and export them to Studio to generate RPA bots or complete process documentation

Scale Process Discovery Programs

Organizations looking for a full understanding of work at the last mile can add on Process Discovery to discover variants across structured and unstructured work. Use Work Insights to identify the right improvement levers to create change plans. Studio allows you to integrate and execute your change across your existing SaaS, RPA, BPMN and document intelligence programs.

Connect Digital Strategy with Last-Mile Operations

Overlay data from Work Insights with existing enterprise metrics from SAP, ERP, CRM, and log-mining assets using Scout’s Hybrid Process Mining. Drive AI into document-heavy processes by building a detailed document catalog, with an understanding of data flow using Scout’s Document Insights.

Setting the Gold Standards in Privacy

We’ve built Scout with the privacy of the end user at the center.

Always Opt-In

Scout collects no information by default. Applications and specific web URLs have to be approved for it to gather information. Users can always see Scout running, and provide suggestions for applications to include/exclude from analysis.

User Anonymized

Scout is focused on the team’s pattern, not the individual’s. User IDs are hashed, meaning no specific users can be identified within Scout.

Privacy Aware

Scout has best-in-class built-in PII scrubbers and automatically removes PII at source, and allows organizations to granularly set PII standards. No additional “privacy server” needed.

GDPR Compliant

Data is stored on-premise or in a legal jurisdiction of the clients’ choosing, users have control of their data, and the right to be forgotten.


Scout is Easy to Set Up and Use

Work without Productivity Being Affected

Complete and accurate data capture

No impact on data, security, or productivity

Scout’s data agent works on your apps and documents seamlessly, capturing only from selected applications and URLs that you approve. We have tested and benchmarked the latency impact of Scout to be less than 2 milliseconds, across our customers. This means that end-users’ work is uninterrupted and there are no compromises on productivity.

Deploy Fast and Scale Easily

Scale to 5000+ users per deployment

Less than 8 hours to setup

The Scout server is built to be cloud native making it easy to scale. You can deploy Scout quickly behind your firewall, or instantly on cloud infrastructure.

Be in Complete Control of the Platform

Self-service administration of all aspects

Shorter time to operational readiness

IT teams and managers can operate and administer Scout globally with ease. Upgrades are provided regularly, and self-service controls allow for quick onboarding of users with no application integrations required.

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