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Scout – Soroco’s Work Graph Platform

Scout is a work graph platform that powers digital transformation. It gives organizations a structured view of how work happens on the ground and identifies benefits from applying a portfolio of change levers, delivering targeted change programs at scale.

Enable a Continuous Improvement Journey with Scout

at Scale

Scan your entire enterprise and find 15% savings within 48 hours by identifying hotspots of activity across your teams.

Process Excellence and Automation

Identify and deep-dive into ‘process-ready’ teams.  Study 20+ levers at once and find another 15% savings in 4 weeks.

and Execute New Operating Models

Define the to-be state bottom-up. Autogenerate SOP, code, XML, etc. to reduce the cost of making change by 50%. Track benefits vs. plans.

Data Platform

Enable your data analysts to ‘mash up’ Scout data with their insights. Try our library of apps or build your own business apps, powered by the work graph.​

Every Individual in the Enterprise Receives Value from Scout

Executive Sponsor

Discover your organization’s work graph to enable a culture of continuous improvement

Understand your organization from top to bottom with just three mouse clicks

Leverage a single AI-driven platform to power digital transformation at the last-mile


Leverage Scout for governance, co-innovation, process audit, process excellence, training, and automation

Drive unified transformation programs to achieve compounding change

Get a cloud native AI-driven platform to build custom insights and use cases

Line Managers

Realize operational and strategic objectives by improving how teams get work done

Get to root around the work teams do and identify improvement opportunities

Get a cloud native AI-driven platform to build custom insights and use Close the loop and deliver enduring benefit across multiple change levers

Process Architects

Finally close the gap between process documents and on-ground execution reality

Drive continuous process excellence by tracking conformance to the standard process

Identify the “as-is” and build the “to-be”, powered by the work graph

End Users

Simplify work by removing needless toil from applications, documents, and emails at work

Express your opinion on how to improve your workplace

Learn or establish best practices for task performance from your team

Customer Testimonials

"Soroco's strong process discovery capabilities have lent themselves to clients' process reengineering efforts and underwriting the automation capability of processes more accurately than competitors"

Mike Smart

Senior Analyst and Operations Officer, NelsonHall

"What I liked most was that majority of the data is getting collected with very little involvement from the users. Soroco is now firmly part of our toolset for transforming our processes alongside other strategic providers. We definitely love what we have seen and what we tried"

Galina Gray

VP Digital Transformation & IT (Product Supply), Bayer

"Soroco's differentiated “and” approach of discovery plus mining helped the firm secure an enviable set of F500 clients. Its wise choice to prioritize process intelligence as a conduit to potential automation needs also kept them out of the overhyped RPA market."

Elena Christopher

Senior Vice President, HFS Research

Discover Insights within 48 Hours with Scout