Scout Go FAQs and Troubleshooting


Scout Go is a free task mining tool that allows you to understand how you can improve the way you work. You can try it as an individual or as a team of up to 5 members. Once installed, you can choose applications or websites that Scout Go can capture data from. Scout Go will only record your interactions on the applications/websites that you have included. 

Using this data, Scout Go can help you:

  • Understand how work gets done. 
  • Identify repetitive and manual steps in your work.  
  • Identify the potential to save time and effort through automation. 

Scout Go displays insights only for upto 14 days, but you can use it forever.

Scout Go can be used by anyone interested in learning how manual and repetitive work can be reduced at the workplace.

Scout Go does not have any restrictions on its usage. It is free forever; however, it generates and displays insights only for the last 14 days.

Scout Go supports only Windows 8 and above. Below are the minimum requirements to run it:

  • Storage space: 4 GB 
  • CPU: 2 cores 
  • RAM: 4 GB 

Scout Go does not currently does not support MacOS or mobile devices.

Scout Go does not support Citrix based applications. You will need to upgrade to Scout Enterprise for this. 

Getting Started

If you are unable to log in to Scout Go, simply click on the symbol on the login page and write to us. Our support team will contact you at the earliest to resolve the issue. 

Once you have an account on Scout Go, you can click on “Forgot Password” on the login page to reset your password.



No, Scout Go doesn’t need a VPN to function. However it is preferable to have a good internet connection for it to work seamlessly.

Yes, Scout Go collects data even when it is minimized or closed.

Go to the window file explorer on the bottom left of your screen and simply type “Scout” where it says “Type here to Search”.

Data capture

Scout supports the following browsers – 

  • Google Chrome (via a browser extension). 
  • Internet Explorer.

For applications installed on your machine and websites accessed on Internet Explorer, Scout Go directly captures data from the interactions you make on your system in the form of clicks and keystrokes.

For websites accessed on Google Chrome, Scout Go uses a browser extension to capture data from websites visited.

Note: Scout Go only collects data from the applications and websites that you have included. It does not collect any other data.

To add a website,

  • Navigate to the address bar in your web browser (like Internet Explorer or Chrome).
  • Copy the website link.
  • Edit the website link and keep only the domain name (e.g. com)
  • You can keep an additional directory to make the data collection more specific (e.g.
  • Add the edited website address to the Data collection page in Scout Go.

Note: Please add only the domain name or upto one additional directory to Scout Go to get the best possible results. Adding the entire website link may cause data collection to be very specific and therefore reduces the scope of data collection.

For instance, if you want us to collect data from your searches on Google, you must not add, but only “”, or “”.

Please download and enable the Scout browser extension on Google Chrome to record data captured from websites in Google Chrome before proceeding.

To enable Chrome browser extension:

  • Restart your Chrome browser
  • Click on the Menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Navigate to ‘More Tools’ > ‘Extensions’
  • Locate the ‘Soroco Scout Browser Extension’ plug-in
  • Click on the toggle button to enable it

Scout Go does not support Citrix based applications. You will need to upgrade to Scout Enterprise for this.

Scout Go captures data only from the applications and websites that you allow. All data captured by Scout Go is either stored on your local system or encrypted end to end in the cloud when aggregated. Soroco cannot read your data.

  • Go to Setting -> Apps & Features on your system and search for “Scout”
  • Click on Scout and you will notice an Uninstall button.
  • Click on Uninstall to remove Scout from your machine.

Scout Go Support

You can raise a ticket by clicking on  symbol anywhere within Scout Go as shown below and raise a ticket. We will resolve the issue at the earliest.