The value of Scout

Complete Coverage

Go beyond enterprise log files and extract insight from real user interactions across any application and process

Discovery at Scale

Break silos by gathering transformative insights from the actions of 100s-1000s, not just select individuals

Prioritized Transformation

Determine the right sequence of investments across people, process, and technology improvement levers

Accelerated Change

Realize value fast by seamlessly executing automation opportunities in our integrated platform

Unique features of Scout

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Insights for any Business

Rapidly and seamlessly gather granular data from approved users. All collected data is stored in your environment and can be easily accessed with the Scout application.

Interactive portal

Manage your deployment and discover opportunities for transformation. Deep-dive on hidden blockers to change. Steadily monitor operational metrics to validate impact.

Extensible platform

Take your data one step further with advanced analysis. Guide data-driven transformation using actionable people, process, and technology insights.

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  • How does work actually get done across your people and systems? Gain insight into your people, processes, and tech with Scout.
  • How do you get Business and IT to collaborate for change? Keep your teams integrated through design and delivery with the Automation Platform.
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Soroco's Success Stories

A leading insurance firm used Scout to understand and validate how brokers' time was spent


of time spent in one application


of identified processes optimized or automated

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A Fortune 200 consumer goods provider used Scout to discover processes for optimization


hours of potential savings identified


annual savings from automation

Read The Full Case Study Read The Full Case Study
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Join global Fortune 500 leaders using Soroco’s technology to guide their digital transformation. Wherever you are in your journey, we can help.

Automation Platform

Create an integrated path to value that transforms employee and customer experiences

Harness data from Scout to drive the automation lifecycle end-to-end, connecting Business and IT each step of the way. Deploy high-impact solutions that last by leveraging modern development tools and tapping into the world’s largest AI and ML community.

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