Improve Customer Experience

Improve customer experience by alleviating operational bottlenecks

Identify STP bottlenecks

Solve for what is preventing STP in your org

Onboard developers quickly

Open source material and documented API to quickly onboard developers

Bring your favorite language

Support for Python, Rust, and pretty much anything else!

Integrated with BI tools

Use PowerBI and Qlik to build new apps on the work graph.

Streamline app migrations

Baseline app use, before migration.

Optimize Tech and Data

Reduce costs of stale data and technology. 

Disconnection Debt

Discover how un-integrated systems hurt your business outcomes. 

Interrogate the work graph

Interactive interface to discover what is hurting your teams and business.

Connect to Business Objectives​

Find up to 30% optimization opportunities and see how they map to teams’ KPIs and business objectives.

Privacy Compliance with a PII Dashboard

Provides a single pane continuous view to privacy filter outcomes, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

Enhanced Security Protocols through Self Service PII policies

Flexible PII configuration capability, to have your data encrypted, stored, and processed securely.

Process Modelling

Choose from up to 5 different actions to model your work according to your business needs.

Take action

Halve the time to act – generate data-backed business documents, and summaries to get you started on implementing recommendations.

Opportunity Tracking

Monitor your optimization opportunities and make decisions to improve the business objectives.

Get incrementally better everyday

Track the impact of your interventions, including suggested 10+ AI/automation opportunities discovered by Scout.

Identify where AI / Automation can transform your business outcomes.

Get 10+ recommendations for deploying automation / AI capabilities, to improve business objectives.

Simulate success, within your context

Double the success rate of our transformation – curate and forecast a change journey tailored to your priorities.

Birds’ eye to worms’ eye

Gain visibility into teams’ work patterns, for everybody – from a CXO to an associate.

Discover Bottlenecks

Unearth 20+ bottlenecks hurting your teams’ work.