Soroco simplifies digital transformation with a three-step journey
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Discover improvement potential across your people, processes, and technology

Break silos and improve straight-through processing


Determine what should be standardized vs. automated; and why


Understand how to improve your application portfolio

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Prioritize your initiatives with data-driven confidence

Sequence improvements in your people, processes, and technology


Align your teams and accelerate your initiatives with data you can act on


Validate outcomes and regularly plan for your future improvements

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Transform your employee and customer experiences through integrated automation

Collaboratively design straight-through process blueprints


Equip your teams with an open platform designed for transformation


Optimize resource use and scale effortlessly with a cloud-native framework


Introducing Soroco's connected product suite

Scout Platform

Gain visibility into how work gets done to guide your entire transformation program

Connect your organizational goals to the most viable people, process, and technology improvements with Soroco’s powerful process discovery tool. Prioritize your improvement initiatives and measure impact before, during, and after any change you make.

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Automation Platform

Create an integrated path to value that transforms employee and customer experiences

Harness data from Scout to drive the automation lifecycle end-to-end, connecting Business and IT each step of the way. Deploy high-impact solutions that last by leveraging modern development tools and tapping into the world’s largest AI and ML community.

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What makes Soroco different?

Full Visibility

Discover people, process, and technology transformation opportunities for your entire organization

Integrated Path to Value

Make it easy for your business and IT teams to align on priorities, collaborate on solutions, and deliver big impact fast

Transformative Automation

Create straight-through employee and customer experiences powered by cutting-edge technology

Impact at Scale

Overcome roadblocks that limit your potential and achieve 10x greater benefits at 3x lower maintenance costs

Soroco's Success Stories

Global e-commerce company automates 95% of the clearance process for missing invoices


worth of invoices researched


entries processed daily

Read The Full Case Study Read The Full Case Study
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A Fortune 200 consumer goods provider used Scout to discover processes for optimization


hours of potential savings identified


annual savings from top two automated processes

Read The Full Case Study Read The Full Case Study
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  • Discover the true potential of legacy workflows by identifying redundant workflows
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