Improved response time by 40% leading to a boost in CX scores for one of the World’s Leading Airline with Scout


The Challenge

A leading Business Process Services company in Europe, employing over 15,000 staff with global reach, encountered significant operational challenges servicing their top-tier airline clients. The operations teams were only meeting 50% of the Service Level Agreements (SLAs), posing a serious risk of contract non-renewal.

This situation threatened not only the service provider's revenue but also the airline's reputation due to subpar customer service.






Attempted Solution before Scout

2,000 hours

requested for workshops, adding to team stress and attrition
A SWAT team was appointed to rectify this problem. Despite deploying a process mining solution and conducting manual 'discovery workshops' to decipher the team's work patterns, these efforts were insufficient. The process mining tool took too long to implement and failed to provide a clear view of operations.

Moreover, the workshops demanded roughly 2,000 hours from the already stretched teams, exacerbating stress and attrition issues.


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The Head of Operations decided to implement Scout to find and fix this problem. Scout was deployed swiftly and started generating insights without the need for complex system integrations.

Scout unveiled critical insights within

2 weeks

Scout to “find and fix”

Step 1: Find

Scout unveiled critical insights within two weeks:

The front-office team spent just 45% of their time on primary tasks

With the rest consumed by inefficient processes, including time spent toggling between applications, fetching customer details and searching for flight options all from different systems and applications. This highlighted the major disconnected debt the organisation was carrying due to information silos.

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Do You Know How Your Teams Get Work Done?

The back-office team dedicated 75% of their efforts to redundant tasks

With a lack of standardized communication templates affecting customer experience. This surprising statistic pointed to a significant work recall gap across the team, highlighting the disparity between the team’s understanding of how work is being done and how work was actually being done.

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How Much Time Does Having Too Many Apps Really Waste?

Step 2: Fix

Quick Fixes

These were ‘no-code’ fixes based on standardization and user training.
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RPA Bots for Post-Call Analysis
RPA Bots for Post-Call Analysis
Automated bots were introduced to generate post-call notes, saving approximately 8% of the front-office team's bandwidth and reducing customer call waiting times by 5%.
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Email Communication Templates
Email Communication Templates
Programs to integrate front and back-office workflows and enhance system functionalities were launched, addressing unintegrated systems, data duplication, and fragmentation.

Deep Fixes

Systemic and long-term fixes planned across the organisation.
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Digital Transformation Initiatives
Digital Transformation Initiatives
Programs to integrate front and back-office workflows and enhance system functionalities were launched, addressing unintegrated systems, data duplication, and fragmentation.
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Automated Customer Verification
Automated Customer Verification
A voice bot integration significantly reduced call times, and an upgrade to the ticketing system optimized alternate flight searches, decreasing active call times by 15-20%.

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What’s Lost When Data Systems Don’t Communicate

It is important to note that in all these recommendations, privacy was of utmost importance – and no employee data was shared. Empathy was at the core of all recommendations and the focus was on addressing and improving the core issues below:

Business outcomes

With Scout's insights and the subsequent interventions, the following improvements were achieved:
Call time for voice calls was reduced by approximately


Overall customer waiting times decreased by around


Email communication response times improved by about


Net Promoter Score (NPS) for voice calls improved by

200 basis points

Operator productivity across both teams increased by


How AI connects interaction data to business outcomes

Your business generates billions of data points from human-machine interactions. Scout, our AI model, deciphers this interaction data to unveil what often remains unseen—the hidden challenges your teams face at work and how they affect business outcomes, whether it's cost optimization, revenue growth, customer or employee experience, or business continuity.

The AI then provides data-based recommendations for the necessary interventions to address these challenges, paving the way for improved outcomes.

We call this lighting up the ‘dark side of the moon’.
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The 'Dark Side Of The Moon' In Enterprises

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