Data-driven automation of entire business functions

Soroco’s engagement model addresses the following questions for our clients:

  • What effort within my org can be automated?

    Most likely, a lot! And Soroco’s proprietary technology can confirm this. We monitor hundreds of PCs for automation opportunities, resulting in a multi-year program designed to reduce costs and improve business velocity.

  • Who manages the automation system once it’s live?

    Soroco does. Our multi-year, SLA-governed service agreements allow for generous change and incident management, meaning that there’s always a dedicated Soroco engineer on stand-by to support and optimize your automated business function.

  • Who provides the resources and tools to automate?

    In short, we do. Our analysts will do all the necessary requirement gathering and timeline management, while Soroco’s engineers build the automation system using our proprietary patent-pending automation platform.

  • What is the value add after automation?

    Data, and lots of it. When manual work turns into code, data abounds. Soroco plays this data back to business owners through bespoke dashboards that highlight tangible areas for operational improvement.

Case Studies with our Fortune 500 Clients


Soroco provides trustworthy automation at the scale of an entire business function

Outstanding talent

Understanding a client’s business and transforming it into an accurate and reliable automation system takes serious talent. That’s why Soroco is led by graduates of Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UCSD, Dartmouth, Duke, the IITs, and more.


Soroco's singular focus and specialization is on delivering business outcomes using our automation technology. This allows us to develop IP faster and more reliably than any other provider. Therefore, we do not suffer from the distractions of selling you any other technology.

Leading IP & Reliability

Soroco can automate more business functions than any other provider due to our comprehensive proprietary automation platform. Built by our PhD leadership, our platform tackles complex rule execution, document reading, machine learning, NLP, and more.

End-to-end service under one roof

By combining IP, delivery, and long-term support under one roof, Soroco helps its clients avoid the workarounds, engineering shortages, and lack of continuity that often come from dividing responsibilities across tools and providers.

Speed and Scale of Discovery

Soroco has a data-driven approach to discover large volumes of manual effort, and the scale and technical ability to put in place enterprise-wide automation programs.

Outcome-based pricing

Soroco charges only for the work that is actually automated by our systems, which means equal alignment on both sides to deliver maximum business impact.

Our Core: A Data-driven Platform for Trustworthy Automation

Our technology road map is propelled by a central theme: making our automation systems trustworthy like humans. This means being reliable, correct, secure, and smart. Consequently, to be trustworthy, our patent-pending proprietary platform solves problems across a variety of areas of computer science. Examples of problems we work on are:

  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision

    How can we get automation systems to observe and learn from people in the enterprise, so that they improve with time and practice?

  • Distributed Execution and Pipelining

    How do we ensure reliable and consistent throughout by leveraging ideas from queuing theory to implement distributed execution of automation systems?

  • Security and Programming Languages

    How can we store sensitive information, execute encrypted code, check for code integrity at run-time, and prove properties about correctness of automation components?

  • Fault Tolerance

    How do we ensure high availability of our automation systems despite failures in client systems by using techniques from consistent snapshots and state reconciliation?

  • Cloud Computing

    How do we build a proprietary cloud-enabled automation platform to support effortless scaling vertically and horizontally, and architected to work across private, public, and hybrid clouds?

  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

    How do we turn the automation system into a business owner’s brightest direct-report, and what should that interface look like?

Our Team and Leadership

Our global team, spread across three continents, is 140+ strong and it includes engineers, consultants, neuroscientists, economists, architects, and designers. Below is a snapshot of our leadership.


Arjun, CEO

BS/MEng (MIT), McKinsey, Bain Capital, and CEO of Catamaran Ventures


George, VP of Engineering

PhD (Carnegie Mellon), Microsoft Research, Adaptrum


Jennifer, VP of Business Development

BA (Harvard), MPhil (Cambridge)


Wolf, Head of Infrastructure and Security

PhD (Carnegie Mellon), IBM Research, OpenStack


Mohsen, Principal Engineer



Nishant, CTO (India)

BTech (IIT)


Mathura, Head of BD (India)

BS (NTU), Barclays, Schlumberger


Era, Senior Engagement Manager

BSc (LSR Delhi), McKinsey


Aparna, Engagement Manager

BA (Dartmouth), McKinsey, Sequoia Capital


Kitson, BDM

BA (Oxford), MBA (INSEAD), McKinsey


Blair, BDM



Rohan, Founder

BA (Cornell), PhD (Harvard), Postdoctoral Fellow (MIT), Microsoft Research, Infosys

We achieve business outcomes for the Fortune 500 across the globe.

With offices in Boston (HQ), London, Seattle, and Bangalore, Soroco works with clients seamlessly across geographies and industries.

We actively support operations in these regions:

North America / Europe / Asia

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