Trustworthy Automation

Soroco provides trustworthy automation
at unprecedented scale

Automation technology must be as trustworthy as humans before it earns the right to do the work that we entrust to people. This is even more important with critical work at the scale of a Business Unit.

Soroco is pioneering Trustworthy Automation. Our patent-pending automation technology is designed to automate at unprecedented scale, with each system capable of assuming the combined roles of 50-100+ FTEs performing 1000s of complex business rules, thereby creating additional capacity.

Soroco automation systems are trustworthy in the same 4 ways that we expect humans to be:

01  Reliable

They do the work,
and do it on time.

02  Correct

They check their work
to prevent mistakes.

03  Cognitive

They handle edge cases and
learn from unexpected scenarios.

04  Secure

Their integrity is
beyond question.

Soroco offers trustworthy automation as an end-to-end service -- meaning we are fully accountable for discovery, automation and optimization of a business unit. We offer one low all-inclusive price that minimizes the extra cost, risk and confusion that would have come with piecemeal automation

What we mean by Unprecedented Scale:

Each Soroco system automates the work of an entire Business Unit, spanning 100+ FTEs, multiple roles and dozens of employee-to-system handoffs

Example scope and impact for Fortune 500 insurance client: 75 FTEs

Process: Automated MGA (Managing General Agent)

Every Soroco automation system encompasses:

>85% reduction

of human effort
within 100 days

50-100+ FTEs

repurposed across
multiple roles

>99.9% accuracy

across 1,000s of
business rules

Fortune 500 Case Studies

01 / Insurance Accounting for a Financial Services client

Scope: 100s of enterprise customers across global footprint, large team of certified accountants
Challenge #1: Numerous unstructured document formats per customer, from multiple sources
Challenge #2: Complex accounting rules and country-specific regulatory requirements
Soroco achieved 85%+ reduction in manual effort

02 / Vendor Disputes for a Retail client

Scope: 50+ FTEs and rapidly growing process
Challenge: Integrate with multiple client systems throughout complex decision tree
Impact: Automatically resolved disputes with 99.5%+ accuracy
Soroco achieved 97% reduction in manual effort and enabled 8x scale-up

Other Business Units eligible for Trustworthy Automation


Batch payments
Transaction disputes
Accounts receivable / payable
Order execution
Reconciliation & settlement
Payroll, T+E reporting


Regulatory verifications
Internal audits & controls
Background checks


Automated MGA
Claims processing

Human Resources

Employee data management

Customer Support

Billing inqueries and disputes
L1/L2 ticket support
Knowledge management

Unique capabilities, delivered as an end-to-end service:

Led by graduates of Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and MIT, Soroco is pioneering Trustworthy Automation at scale with proprietary capabilities such as:


  • Intelligent rule discovery to uncover hidden sources of manual effort and undocumented business logic


  • Trustworthy Automation adapts in real-time to unexpected changes and ensures correct execution
  • Handling unstructured data for process inputs and outputs


  • Process-specific analytics enable "What-if" analysis, A/B testing, and continuous improvement post-automation
  • Natural language interface provides on-the-go and personalized operational insight

Meet our team:

Soroco is building a talented team of engineers and business professionals

Interested in joining our team? Let us know at

  • George

    PhD, Carnegie Mellon
  • Wolf

    PhD, Carnegie Mellon
  • Yoongu

    PhD, Carnegie Mellon
  • Nishant

    BTech, IIT
  • Era

    BSc, LSR Delhi
  • Arjun

    BS & M.Eng, MIT
  • Jennifer

    BA, Harvard
  • Morgen

    BS, Boston College
  • Lushen

    BA, Harvard
  • Ryan

    BS, Notre Dame

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